2020 Group Project finally comes together

At our April 28, 2020 membership meeting, we would’ve turned in our 2020 Collaborative Classic canvases and marveled at everyone’s efforts. But the pandemic struck and changed everything. Sixteen artists had picked up a blank canvas in back in February to recreate a section of Monet’s masterpiece, Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge.

Not being sure of when we would meet again, or how, we shared our individual canvases virtually last spring. It sure was fun checking our inboxes for Group Project emails as they came in from each artist. With the digital images, we could gawk, awe and really examine how each area of the painting was interpreted.

And with the help of Photoshop, the collected images were assembled digitally into one and then again shared for all to see.

Once we were able to venture out, canvases were delivered to Main Street Framing for assembly and custom framing. Our 2020 masterpiece is finally complete and ready to hang!

Thanks to those of you for taking part in this special project that shows off the talents of our membership. 

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