Collaborative Classics

AGMF’s annual group project asks members to create just one section of a larger artwork that is then reassembled to display as a whole. Participants have two months to work on their piece of the selected masterpiece. Sections are handed out randomly and artists are encouraged to use their own personal artistic style to represent their assigned section as they see fit.

The strength of this project lies in the fact that all of the participants, combining their individual artistic mediums and styles, contribute to the success and beauty of the artwork as a whole. The piece showcases the extraordinary talent within the Guild.

The small canvases are handed out at our February meeting and returned at our April meeting.

Our final Collaborative Classics can be found throughout our Village.

  • 2018’s “Starry Night” by Van Gogh is on display in the large meeting room at the Library, along with
  • 2019’s “Sunday Afternoon” by Seurat
  • 2020’s “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge” is featured at the Art Lounge, where we hold our membership meetings
  • 2022’s “Woman in a Purple Coat” by Mattisse can be found at the Hot House Tavern
  • 2023’s “Exotic Landscape with Lion and Lioness in Africa” by Rousseau hangs at the Community Education and Recreation Center

In 2023, members selected to interpret Rousseau’s “Exotic Landscape with Lion and Lioness in Africa.” Members were given a first look at all the pieces together at our April 25th meeting before sending off to be framed.