Every tattoo has a story

The Menomonee Falls Public Library welcomed the Art Guild to wander their unique Warrior Ink exhibit on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. The Library was such a fitting venue to discover the stories behind the “ink” of local veterans.

President Don Eisenhauer led our group business meeting in the main Conference room, where our first two Collaborative Classic group projects hang.

Then Library Director, Jackie Rammer, stepped to the podium to welcome us to the Library and the special exhibit. The “Warrior Ink” exhibit was entirely coordinated by our Menomonee Falls Public Library. 

Jackie Rammer writes grants for the Library to acquire artwork for the building. She wrote the grant for the exhibit as well as coordinated the photography and interviews that would feature Wisconsin veterans and their meaningful military tattoos.

Jessica Cole, who sits on the Library Board, spearheaded the idea, and worked to find the veterans. Jessica conducted all the interviews and was able to pull stories out from the veterans. Many times, it was difficult for them to describe what the tattoos meant to them. 

Jackie relied on photographer Nancy Greifenhagen, to capture the veterans with their ink as well as to design all the exhibit panels.

The result of this collaboration produced a powerful 11 panel traveling exhibit, specifically created to be loaned out for other local organizations to display. Reading the panels, viewers learn the significance behind featured pieces of these veterans’ tattoo art, the veteran’s service and the tattoo artist. 

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