Face-to-Face with Stacy Lee Ollmann

Last night, we welcomed sculptor Stacy Lee Ollmann at our April membership meeting. Members listened intently to the story Stacy told, tracing her artistic calling back to her early schooldays and time with her grandmother. Her folk art sculptures would have been difficult to bring in, so Stacy presented her artistic journey via a narrated PowerPoint. Stacy’s messages were important for our artists to hear: stay true to your artistic style, prioritize time for art/being creative, and give yourself a break from your go-to medium. Stacy raved about her experience with MARN’s (Milwaukee Artist Resource Network) Mentorship Program which she utilized recently to help establish her chosen artistic career. Stacy loves sculpting faces of all ethnicities and models all her faces by hand without molds. We were fascinated about working in polymer clay—Stacy’s medium of choice—and asked lots of questions!

If you can, stop in to see Stacy’s art. She will be on the first floor of the Marshall Building this weekend for Gallery Night/Day.

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