Fired up for fusing!

11 members joined us last Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2020, fired up for our Glass Fusing workshop at Just Kiln Time in Menomonee Falls. The Guild coordinates one hands-on workshop each year to break from our typical meeting style. Workshops allow members to expose ourselves to new mediums and/or techniques and to stretch our creativity and comfort levels.

After selecting our bases, we picked our glass to suit our design visions. There were pre-cut squares, pebbles, stringers, noodles, tiny bits called “frit” and bins of scraps for us to search through. Visions changed as we scored and cut and continued searching. Once our cut pieces were arranged, we glued them into place making them ready for the kiln. Some of us chose to leave our pieces flat to use as a coaster, dry erase board or hang as artwork, while others chose to have theirs formed over a slumping mold to make it more bowl-like.

We left our pieces at Just Kiln Time for firing. All finished pieces will be available for pick up—and viewing—at our March meeting.

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