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So happy to start up our meetings in a great new space—the Art Lounge. You feel inspired just being there. And we welcomed Jack Long, a photographer from Cedarburg, for September 2021.

Guest speaker Jack Long presented his journey from commercial to fine art photographer and how he’s constantly challenging himself with his newfound love of fluid sculptures.

Jack has built a longtime career a successful commercial photographer and always did artistic photography on the side, but when a client asked him to try splashing water on a product shoot everything changed. That’s when Jack developed his insatiable interest in capturing water. He changes up the consistency, colors, numbers of splashes in an attempt to “build” objects from liquid.

Jack’s photos were mesmerizing and we were all fascinated knowing he stages each shot in his own studio and never manipulates his images with Photoshop.

If you’d like to see more of Jack’s work, check out https://jacklongphoto.com/

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