Guild Collaboration makes an impression(ism)

Membership Chair Beth Saunders introduced an idea for a new group project at our January membership meeting. The project asked several members to create a just a piece of a larger artwork that would then be reassembled to display as a whole. We voted on the selected artwork to be a classic, or masterpiece, that would be recognizable to the general public, and a landscape. The idea was well received and 16 members agreed to participate.

Participants received their project packets at the February membership meeting that included: a printout of their assigned section of the classic artwork, Starry Night by Van Gogh, a printout of the entire work of art with their assigned section highlighted, prepared board to create their artwork on and graphite paper for tracing. Sections where handed out randomly and artists were encouraged to represent their unique style and create in the media of their specialty.

Pieces were due back at our April meeting where members awed the puzzle pieces now together. Participants described their efforts, struggles and reaction to the project as a whole. Overall the project was deemed a positive experience.

Mike Pogorzelski assembled the sections back together now hanging in the Library at our Annual Art in Action Membership Show. The strength of this project lies in the fact that all of the participants, combining their individual artistic mediums and styles, contribute to the success and beauty of the artwork as a whole. The collaborative piece showcases the extraordinary talent within the Guild.


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