Mesmerizing marbling workshop

Vesile Yilmaz joined us virtually on March 22, 2022 to lead our paper marbling workshop. 

We got a chance to experience a new art medium and learned a bit about its rich culture and history as an art form. One of the oldest traditional Turkish arts, ebru is a Turkish word meaning water clouds. The technique had been kept secret as it’s used as a security device for paper currency because of its unique, irrepiclable patterns.

Our 11 workshop participants worked in the upstairs studio space of the Art Lounge busily swirling paints and then laying out our creations to dry. Vesile showed us several marbling techniques with Big Stones, Shawl, French Curl, and Combed patterns. We were mesmerized by organic patterns that happened as we dripped the paint into our prepared water trays. As we dragged items through the paints to form patterns, we found this art form to be very soothing.

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