New View of the Village

Members gathered at Centennial Plaza in downtown Menomonee Falls for our September 2020 meeting at 3:00pm on the 22nd. Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) Director, Felicia Reichard, guided us through the new mural installations revealing hidden images, last minute additions and the stories behind the artists’ inspirations.

Felicia was instrumental in bringing the mural project to the Falls partnering Downtown Menomonee Falls Business Improvement District with Milwaukee’s Wallpapered City. Wallpapered City was the force behind Black Cat Alley and has partnered with other municipalities and BIDs to create murals in WauwatosaMilwaukee and West Allis, among others.

COVID has challenged us to come up with new ways to meet, and this turned out to be just what we needed—a chance to get outdoors on a beautiful day, check in on fellow members and witness the art experiences growing right here in the Falls!

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