Now you can check out more than books at the Library

Guild members headed to the Library for this month’s membership meeting the evening of May 24, 2022 where James Berger, or JJ, Library IT Manager, introduced us to The Forge. The Forge opened its doors in 2020 completing the Menomonee Falls Public Library’s long-term plan to build a new makerspace area that offers myriad creative opportunities for our community. The room is located on the far west side on the 2nd floor of the Library and is open during all library hours. Anyone can use the space that’s filled with arts and craft supplies, an embroidery machine, surger, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, and computer coding apps. Some equipment requires you to check it out or make a reservation and some require training before use called “badging.” All equipment and tools are free to use while a donation is encouraged to cover the costs of materials.

Longtime members of the Guild, Trent and Gina Ristow, then expanded on how 3D printing works and how they have married their creativity with such a technical tool. Trent has been designing 3D print artwork for over 7 years already and sells his works on Etsy and at local shows. The process happens in layers, building from the bottom up with filaments. 3D printing has practical as well as artistic uses. The process is very useful for prototyping an idea for a new product. 3D modeling software is required to tell the printer what to do involving mechanics and precise measurements. Trent draws his concepts using this software then outputs, or prints, his finished artworks creatively incorporating unique colors and weights of filaments.

All the sections from our 2022 Collaborative Classic were assembled in one place for all the view before sending off to the framer.

Members turned in their amazing renditions of sunflowers on 8×8 canvases that will be available for auction at the Guild’s Art Fair tent at Falls Memorial Fest. Proceeds from the sales of these generously donated works benefit our annual scholarship fund that matches a talented high school student with an educational art experience.

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