Piece by piece

We invited Two Mikes Art Factory to run a mosaics workshop for our members on March 26, 2024. The Guild incorporates at least one hands-on workshop experience each year and seeks to highlight local artists and creative organizations. 

Kristy and Kelly came together to build Two Mikes Art Factory, a company that hosts creative workshops to help people discover their inner artist. Two Mikes donates a portion of their profits to two organizations that support research for their fathers’ (both named Mike) fatal diseases.

Bins full of glass, bottles of glue and packets of wipes were laid out on tables at the Art Lounge. With all supplies at our disposal, members dove in to their projects. Soon, many of us realized how challenging it was to place the small glass pieces and to follow our intended design! After a couple of hours of reselecting, rearranging and asking reassurance of our designs, we glued down our pieces into their final spots. Kristy and Kelly then packed away our creations to take back for grouting. 

We look forward to sharing our final mosaic masterpieces at our next meeting. Working with provided shapes and colors made us approach creating artwork in a new way!

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