Annie Cannistra

Ceramics, encaustic painting
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For as long as I can remember I was doing some form of art- started with drawing and painting and fibre arts. I initially started a fine arts degree program but soon felt the need to dosomething else. I became a nurse, had children, and art took a back seat. Just in the past 10 years or so I dug out my art supplies and started again: acrylic painting, pottery, watercolor, oil painting and then trying my hand at unconventional media such as encaustic, cold wax and oil painting and eco-printing. My tendencies are towards color of all kinds- earthy, organic, botanical, with abstracted landscapes being my favorite.

I bought a pottery wheel and kiln and I spend time trying to throw various functional ware and experiment with handbuilding and slipcasting too. I enjoy carving, chattering and sodium silicate as textured ways to enhance my forms as well as glaze combinations on different clay bodies.

Art will always be a journey for me as I love to try new things and push my abilities. Anything that looks like art is worth trying.