Reunited and it feels so good!

Our first AGMF Membership Meeting of the year was Tuesday, September¬†27, 2022 at the Art Lounge. We devoted this meeting to reacquaintance, as we have not seen each other for a while. And we were happy to introduce several new faces to our group. Many brought recent pieces of artwork to share facilitating the meet-and-greet environment which allowed the membership get to know each other’s artistic interests.

Emma Molli, our 2022 Art Camp Scholarship winner, joined us and gave us a recap on her experience this past summer at UW-Whitewater. Emma selected painting as her 2D focus and ceramics as her 3D. She spoke on how she learned a fascinating new painting technique and how she appreciated the freedom the instructors allowed the students. Rewarding to hear that UW-Whitewater’s first art camp was such a success!

President Don Eisenhauer reviewed past summer events (Art Fair at Memorial Fest, Art Walk and Art in the Park) and announced the incredible year of meetings, networking and interactive events planned for 2022-2023. And Beth Saunders unveiled the 2022 Collaborative Classic group project back from the framer and ready to hang!

Let’s get the new AGMF year started!

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