The votes are in!

Our 13th annual Membership Show, Art in Action, wrapped up its month-long showing at the Menomonee Falls Public Library this past Tuesday, May 28th, 2019. Membership was well represented throughout both floors of the Library, including several of our newer members.

Awards were presented Tuesday evening, during our last membership meeting before summer break.

Simone Rogina received the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD by receiving the most votes for her artworks from the public in our ballot box in the Library lobby.

Guest judge, Susan Corkum, Owner Operator at Purloin Studio, determined our other honorees:

  • HONORABLE MENTION Mike Pogorzelski’s “Cone Flowers”
    Alcohol painting seems to be everywhere and you stayed away from the typical circles with this piece. I like that you stepped outside the box—took a chance.
  • HONORABLE MENTION Christine Polder’s “Clewax Lake”
    I liked the movement of your material, adding dimension to the piece. I liked the soft shadow also.
  • 3rd PLACE Art Horn’s “Vanishing America”
    Art, you have quite a range! This classic barn painting is comforting, calming and delightful. Your colors served this piece well, your perspective was good. Barn images and paintings are coveted Americana, beloved by many. I think you hit all the points of a wonderful classic painting. I enjoyed seeing it included in this show.
  • 2nd PLACE Jim Krahn’s “Field of Gold”
    Looking at an abstract, your brain wants it to be simple, but it isn’t. The laying on of the paint and the colors give it depth, shape and texture. Lighting can change it in a moment. This piece offers the viewer realism and abstraction all in one piece. You know by the title it is a field, but what is going on? is there a story? That makes the viewer want to stop and contemplate the piece. I felt that the artist stopped at the precise moment before he went too far. Jim, I would like to see more of this work from you.
  • 1st PLACE Simone Rogina “Symphony in Feathers”
    This is a wonderful piece. Simone offers the viewer exquisite movement, coloring and shadows. Simplistic, yet purposeful, a portrait of a proud and beautiful bird. Good job Simone.



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